Foundation Global Inclusion

Organises training programs and events


- Language Coaching

Language is the basis and key to development, integration and participation.

We offer Language Coaching 1 on 1 to people who follow a language course or who do not speak the Dutch language well. We believe that a tailor-made approach can provide a good follow-up to language courses. We have also developed a methodology, called ‘Language Inclusive’, in which we not only learn language, but look at the needs of the participants and refer them to other organizations to help them on their way (move forward).

- Financial Training

Financial health is fundamental to resilience to adversity.

We offer financial training, coaching and education and are a part of the Money Wise initiative of the Ministry of Finance. Our initiative is called Money Bizz; to guarantee financial self-reliance and resilience and to combat poverty.

Attention is a form of appreciation, recognition and respect.

- Tailored Advice

We always provide tailor-made advice and guidance and pay personal attention to anyone who registers with us with questions and requests, so that they can move forward with their lives.


With your help we can give support and do our work